#1 | November 10th, 2005
Where it all began...
Posted by Dragyn on May 17th, 2011
Here we are, at the first comic.

This is where it all began.

History Lesson:

I think it's worth noting that the date on this comic is probably wrong. I actually started this comic before 2005 (I was still in Jr. High, so I think the first comicwas drawn in 2002 or 2003). It didn't make it to the net until 2005, so odds are I'm pretty close on the dates, as far as uploading it goes.

It wasn't until later that I started embedding the dates in the images, so these first ones just have dates that fell before the ones I could get actual dates for.

The first host I was on was Gutterflycomix, but they stopped hosting comics and turned into a review site after they got hacked in November of 2005. At that point Beastling was offline until I was accepted to Xepher.Net in August of 2006, who I stuck with until I switched to Crimson Flag in September of 2010, which is where you are right now.

And just for the record, I'm writing this as part of building the new website.

Wow. I sure am glad my art has gotten better since I drew this.
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