#40 | July 14th, 2006
Commentary: Beastling #40
Posted by Dragyn on May 17th, 2011
I'm not sure the flow is clear in this one. All these events are happening basically in tandem.

Also: Nope. Beastling can't fly, because he never learned how.

When I make the cast page, I may well make pages for the different races, as well. For now, though, I'll just say that yes, I know Beastling doesn't look like he could fly with his wings, given how much body mass he has relative to his wingspan.

Dragons come in many forms, obviously, but the type Beowolves are hybrids of fly mostly using magic. The wings aren't just for show, but they certainly aren't enough on their own.

At this point, I feel I should point out that Beastling is both a dragon and a wolf, at the same time. He has been summoned from one world, banished to another, pushed off a cliff, teleported back to the top, and then teleported to another world. I think we can safely push physics to the side, for this one.
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